5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Cordoba

Cordoba is one of the most fascinating in Spain. Many tourists forget Cordoba and prefer other nearby cities such as Seville and Granada. However, Cordoba offers much more than you can imagine. The city’s richness in history and cultures is worth mentioning. The following are the five reasons why you should include this city in your travel bucket list.

  1. Mosque-Cathedral
    Mosque-Cathedral is a monument in Spain that symbolizes the country’s two cultures. It’s the largest dual identity monument in the country. The Christians used the monument as a worship place until 711 when the Moors captured Cordoba. The building was then used by both religions afterward.
  2. Feria de Los Patios
    The patios in the old quarter of the city are unique and beautiful. Feria de Los Patios is a competition where the locals show off their patios for an award. It’s a culture that you won’t find in other cities in the country. Owners are delighted to show you their plants and flowers.
  3. Guadalquivir River
    This river passes through the town to Seville before proceeding to the Atlantic Ocean. The Roman Bridge is the best place to observe the river and the scenic landscapes that tower the city. The river is known for the role it played in growing the Spanish Empire.
  4. The Castle of the Christian Kings
    A visit to Cordoba won’t be complete if you don’t visit this royal palace. The building was constructed in 1328 and was the library at one time. The builders emulated the Moorish style when constructing the building.
  5. The Old Town
    Avenida de las Ollerias border the city’s historic center on the north and Guadalquivir river to the south. Cordoba is a golden charm even when compared by other old towns in the province. Check out the beautiful patios and houses as you stroll in the streets. You can explore the Jewish quarter of Juderia located near the Mosque-Cathedral

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